Concept and set: Maria Lucia Cruz Correia /  www.mluciacruzcorreia.com

Dramaturgy:  Ingrid Vranken

Writer:  Sebastien Hendrickx

Performance: Maria Dafneros

Systemic Constellation Navigator:  Luea Ritter /  www.shifts.be

Video Mark Pozlep/  http://www.pozlepmark.com

Sound Designer Joao Bento/ http://www.joao-bento.com  

Light Designer Vinny Jones / http://vinnyjones.com

Costume Design Isabelle De Vos

Advisors Jeroen Peeters, Starhawk

Legal fact checker: Hendrik Schoukens & Juan Auz

Research documentation: Mark Pozlep / Hana Vodeb

Production Tineke de Meyer

Supported by:

Co-Production: Vooruit (B), Kaaitheater (B), Bunker (SL), Workspacebrussels (B), Het TheaterFestival, t-heater & Circuit X (Roel Verniers Prijs 2017)

Produzed by Fo.am

Residency&Research: No Lugar (EC), Center for Creative Ecologies /Tjdemos( US), Artsadmin (UK), Budakunstcentrum (BE), Wpzimmer (BE), Workspacebrussels (BE), Campo (BE), Wp Zimmer(BE), Bunker (SL)

Support: Imagine 2020 and Flemish Authorities

Creation winter 2017 to Winter 2019
Premiere March 2nd 2019 SameSamebutDifferent Festival /Vooruit



Interviewees: Patricia Gualinga: Sarayaku leader and international relationships / 
Franco Viteri: Former president of Sarayaku and CONFENAI / Narcisa Simona Gualinga: Dirigent of Ancient Wise Leaders Sarayaku
 / Jose Gualinga: Former Leader of Sarayaku / Eriberto Gualinga: activist filmmaker from Sarayaku / Juan G. Auz: Lawyer for human rights and environmental protection / Pablo Barriga: Artist and university professor / Francois Houtart: Marxist sociologist and catholic priest / Pablo Fahardo: lawyer of UDAPT
 / Donald Macayo: activist and executive member of UDAPT/ Several interviewees from Standing Rock Lakota sioux community,  council tribe, lawyer, organizer of the standing rock camp and Sunshine Rose / TJDEMOS: art historian and cultural critic / Polly Higgins:ecocide law expert